PE liquid filter bag

- Aug 02, 2019-

PE liquid filter bag

PE liquid filter bag is an important part of the filtration system. It relies on the fluid pressure of the filtration system to filter liquid through the filter bag and keep impurities in the filter bag to achieve the purpose of filtration. Therefore, the requirements of filtration depend on the accuracy of the filter bag. It is very important to select the accuracy, quality and material of the filter bag.

Liquid filter bag materials mainly include: polypropylene PP, polyester PE, nylon monofilament NMO.

The difference between PE liquid filter bag and PP liquid filter bag is very small, that is, PE material is a little more resistant to high temperature than PP material. PE liquid filter bags use nearly 30 kinds of fibers of different diameters, and use fiber mixing equipment to make filter bags. Other products (such as air filter bags made of only 3-5 kinds of fibers) are different key.

PE is a kind of thermoplastic resin produced by ethylene polymerization. Polyethylene odorless, non-toxic, high temperature resistance, oil resistance, steam permeability and stress cracking resistance, excellent low temperature resistance, chemical stability, can withstand most acid and alkali erosion. Insoluble in common solvents at room temperature, low water absorption, in addition to electrical insulation and impact resistance and cold resistance.

PE liquid filter bag production process mainly includes: plastic ring full welding; Rims all seam, rims all welding; Plastic ring all - line seam, bottom seam ring mouth welding; Bottom seam welding ring seam; Webbing seam; Reverse sewing and other processes.

As filtering consumables, filter bag is a key link in the filtering process, and the quality of filter bag largely determines the filtering effect of users.

The filter bag has various materials and complete specifications. It can be targeted to meet the needs of various fields of application, outstanding quality makes it an ideal choice for users to break through the filtering bottleneck, improve production technology and improve product quality.

The filter bag has many characteristics such as high pollution carrying capacity, strong corrosion resistance, good temperature resistance, large flow rate, convenient operation, long service life and no fiber shedding. Usage: all kinds of coating equipment top cotton filter and frame filter, bag filter, suitable for fine chemical industry, oil products, food and medicine, water treatment and other occasions.