PP filter element of the liquid filtration system

- Mar 12, 2019-

Whether the PP filter element of the liquid filtration system is suitable for the filtration of chemical liquids



Filtration system, if it is used to filter liquid, then for the liquid filtration system, and this kind of filtration system can be on a variety of different liquid filtration operation, to achieve the purpose of filtration and good filtration effect. So, the next step is to take a closer look at the liquid filtration system and use it appropriately.



1. Is the liquid filter enclosure available in the liquid filtration system?


Liquid filter system, it is possible to use the liquid filter shell, and there is no problem in the use, as long as the correct and reasonable use can be good performance and effect. The liquid filter shell can be installed with various folding liquid filter elements to form a complete liquid filter. The shell is reasonable in design, compact in structure, beautiful in appearance, easy to install and easy to clean. Therefore, it can be used in the filtration and purification of various liquids in food, pharmaceutical, chemical and electronic industries. The housing is made of 304 or 316L stainless steel.



2. Can the bag filtration system be a liquid filtration system?


Bag filter system, it can be a liquid filtration system, because these two kinds of filter system is the filtration system from different classification standard to classify the specific type, the former is or form for the filter, which is as the filter medium, as long as the bag filter system is used for filtering liquid, can be used as liquid filtration system. In this system, the filter element is a filter bag and the principle is pressure filtration.



3. Chemical liquid filtration. Which filter element is more suitable for the liquid filtration system?


Chemical liquid filter, if is the use of liquid filtration system, then the filter system is to use chemical filter bag is more appropriate, because it is suitable for liquid filtration in the chemical industry, chemical industry can be particulate impurities in the liquid, suspending agent, catalyst, gelatin, activated carbon surface and abrasive particles such as filter, filtration purification the effect, moreover, can also be used in some complex conditions, such as strong acid and strong alkali, high viscosity, high temperature and high content of impurities.



4. Can I use PP filter element in the liquid filtration system?


From a professional point of view, PP filter element is a kind of composite filtration material integrating pre-filtration, fine filtration and gravity sedimentation, which can be used for the filtration of drinking water, industrial pure water and other fluids. Therefore, from this point of view, the liquid filtration system can be used PP filter element this kind of filter. Moreover, this kind of filter element is a combination of multi-hole and fabric filter media, which can be used for both surface filtration and deep filtration to ensure a good filtering effect.