Precautions for filter bag processing

- May 21, 2020-

Precautions for filter bag processing

1. After selecting the shape of the filter material used in the filter bag and determining the specifications of the filter bag, the following questions must be considered in the processing process

Size the press cloth required to fire the parts filter bag accurately. The actual amount of press cloth is larger than the designed size, leaving room.

2. Correctly select the required accessory filter bag, determine its specifications and check its quality; Filter bag accessories must meet the quality requirements of the filter bag.

3. It is better to draw, cut, cut and sew the filter bag on the automatic production line. When handling a filter bag by hand, it must be unrolled and operated on the platform, and a certain amount of tension must be applied to keep it flat.

4. The processing process must strictly follow the quality standards and be carried out in accordance with the design drawings and operating techniques. Operators must comply with the necessary tools, clothing, shoes and hats, and smoking is strictly prohibited.