Protective measures for dust-removing cloth bags

- Sep 26, 2020-

Protective measures for dust-removing cloth bags

The safety of the bag filter is closely related to the working conditions of the boiler. The abnormal damage or even failure of the bag filter is primarily due to the abnormal working conditions of the boiler, when the dust filter does not respond in a timely manner. For example, the air preheater gets stuck and causes abnormal high-temperature burning of the bag with flue gas. The explosion of economizer leads to abnormal humidity improvement of flue gas; Dusting cloth bag paste bag. In addition, serious air leakage in the air prepper will lead to a sharp rise in the oxygen content in the flue gas, which will aggravate the oxidation of the bag, and then accelerate the damage of the dust bag.

The primary protection measures for dust removal bags include:

1. The bag dust remover in initial operation is precoated with ash to make the outer surface of the bag have a layer of powder layer. Before the boiler is shut down, the ash cleaning should be stopped to make the outer surface of the cloth bag adhere to a layer of powder layer, to prevent the residual flue gas in the dust catcher after the boiler is shut down and cause damage to the cloth bag due to acid condensation at low temperature, and to ensure that there is a layer of protection outside the cloth bag when the furnace is restarted.

2, boiler work should be as far as possible to prevent the occurrence of abnormal conditions, once abnormal conditions should be reflected to the dust collector's working system in a timely manner, so as to make response and adjustment. Under the condition of conditions, the bag dust removal system should consider the installation of bypass flue and urgent blowing cooling device. Temperature measuring and oxygen content monitoring devices are generally set up on the inlet flue of the dust collector, and an alarm device is set up in the control system.

3. In the process of work, the ash cleaning system should be adjusted timely according to the smoke load. If there is an abnormal increase in the dust concentration or an abnormal decrease in the system resistance, it should be considered whether there is cloth bag damage. Once the bag has been admitted to be damaged, the perforations should be replaced or closed in a timely manner.