PTFE dust bag is an ideal dust bag for waste incineration

- Aug 18, 2020-

PTFE dust bag is an ideal dust bag for waste incineration

PTFE dust bag is a filter material formed by adding polytetrafluoroethylene filament fabric or polytetrafluoroethylene fiber in the production of some filter materials such as polyphenylene sulfide, glass fiber, P84 and aramid fiber. The main difference between PTFE and other pure high performance fiber (PPS, glass, P84, arkon) filtration materials is that PTFE does not age over time, and the composite fracture strength of PTFE containing high temperature gases, corrosive gases, liquids and PTFE does not decay.

It can be said that by adding ptFE or PTFE fiber, compared with the original filter material, the service life is greatly improved.

PTFE felt acupuncture felt filter bags have good chemical and physical properties and are widely used in harsh working environments such as electricity, refuse incineration, household waste collection and chemical dust. Needle felt filter bag PTFE coating is expected to incinerate dust bag.

1) PTFE needled felt filter bag is made of 100% PTFE fiber + PTFE base cloth needling, without any addition of raw materials and additives, and will not change the original data characteristics of PTFE. The development of the product has strong temperature resistance, wear resistance, chemical resistance, high filtration technology efficiency, low working resistance and long service life.

2) Original PTFE-coated felt filter bag, special PTFE microporous film by thermal spraying process will be laminated together, needle felt and smooth film. Smooth surface, high dust stripping strength, easy to clean 99.99% dust filter efficiency, and the product has good chemical stability and corrosion resistance.