PTFE dust remover bags show a rapid growth trend

- Oct 19, 2020-

PTFE dust remover bags show a rapid growth trend

With the gradual improvement of industrial exhaust emission standards, bag dust removal technology has been developed rapidly. 

The increase of electric bag compound dust removal and electric bag changing dust removal project has brought the increase of high-end filter material demand, and also promoted the rapid development of PTFE filter bag manufacturing technology and production capacity scale. 

Especially after PTFE dust collector bag has achieved good application performance in the dust removal project of coal-fired power generation boiler and 100%PTFE dust collector bag in garbage incineration project, the application of PTFE dust collector bag in these two fields has occupied a decisive position, thus making the market supply of fiber material presents a trend of rapid growth.

Because of the localization of PTFE filter bag material manufacturing technology, plus the fluorite mineral resources with superior reserves in China and the increasingly mature fluorine chemical technology, PTFE filter bag material is no longer the kind of high price material that is out of reach in the past.

 In terms of carding technology, 100%PTFE bag carding technology and composite fiber carding technology containing PTFE bag have made breakthroughs. 

Therefore, from the perspective of the material's own performance, the application performance of P3'FE filter and the future development trend of bag dust removal industry, PTFE filter bag is bound to become a functional material with strategic resource status.