Quality requirements of filter bags and singeing treatment

- Sep 07, 2019-

Quality requirements of filter bags and singeing treatment

Filter bag in the process of use is becoming more and more frequent, when making use of the filter bag for much of its industry is indispensable, when making use of its main function is to filter some dirty material, filter bag production adopted by the amount of material also is very good, when we are living under the environment of there are a lot of dust, filter bag has the effect of purification, to be able to clean the impurities in the air, make the air more pure and fresh, also let us can breathe the fresh air, make our body more healthy.

Filter bag in the process of production is mainly imported from the high purification of filament fiber raw material of acupuncture, when making use of the surface will be effective after the special of the processing of singeing, so they can effectively prevent the pollution of fibers filtrate, fluffy uniform three-dimensional filter layer of solid and colloidal particles have high ability to capture, high intensity of long fiber filter bag filter efficiency stability, long service life.

Bag filter system is very important in the filter element is the filter bag, when making use of the filter bag quality to a certain extent determines the efficiency of the filter, filter bag made of polyester (PE), polypropylene (PP), nylon sheet, multifilament (NMO), and special high temperature resistant to acid and alkali resistant teflon (PTFE), etc., can meet the precision of ranging from 0.5 to 1000 micron filtration.

In the process of using the filter bag, there will be many problems, such as its precision, material and pressure. If the customer does not pay attention to details in the process of using, it will be very easy to cause unnecessary trouble. Pressure requirements of the filter bag: Differential pressure of 0.8 kg or need to change the filter bag and long overuse can cause critical phenomenon of bag filter bag, filter bag in the process of production is under strict requirements and passes through the layers of inspection to the factory, but because of the filter bag is belong to material and filter the liquid and its working condition differ in thousands ways, so get into the habit of regular replacement of filter bag filtering effect for their product itself is also a very good guarantee.

It is recommended to use clean water when cleaning the filter bag, instead of external force or rubbing, which will cause unstable filtering accuracy, and poor filtering effect when using it again. The material of the filter bag is PE, PP, PTFE, NMO, etc. Different filtering requirements require different filtering bags, which is to solve your filtering problems.