Select filter bag according to dust feature

- Sep 23, 2020-

Select filter bag according to dust feature 

Whether the dust-removing bag (filter bag) can be properly selected determines the service life and discharge concentration of the bag filter. Therefore, it has become an important topic from which to choose the appropriate dust-removing bag (filter bag). Here we introduce the key of choosing dust-removing bag (filter bag) reasonably.

1. Particle size of dust: The particle size of dust is small, which is easy to cause dust leakage. It is better to choose the fiber layer with small gap diameter made of short fibers with fine fineness.

2. The dust with high moisture absorption, adhesion and adhesion will bring difficulties to the ash cleaning, so long fiber woven filter bags should be selected

For explosive dust, the press cloth is required to have certain antistatic properties. Metal fiber production of antistatic filter cloth is increasing, the purpose is to use antistatic to prevent dust explosion, and dust adhesion is small.