Select the correct method for the filter bag

- Sep 14, 2020-

Select the correct method for the filter bag

Dust removal filter bag is the core dust removal component of the bag filter, and it is also the dust removal accessory with high replacement frequency. When replacing, it is necessary to choose the model size matching with the dust collector so that the dust collector and dust bag can give full play to the maximum efficiency.

There are a number of precautions to take when selecting a filter bag for dust removal:

1) The new process and old filter bags should not be mixed, so as to avoid the influence of different damage time on the normal work of dust removal equipment.

2) Aging of cloth bags. If it is mainly caused by the following reasons, the cause shall be investigated, elimination measures shall be taken and the dust filter bag shall be replaced.

Hardening and shrinkage due to abnormal high temperature; (2) due to vapor contact with acid, alkali or organic solvent; (3) reacts with water.

3) The press cloth should not be hung too loose or too tight. Too loose will cause dust accumulation, and too tight will cause damage.

4) Replace the cloth bag, blow it clean with compressed air first, and then check whether there are any holes, which will be left for replacement after repaired.

If the bag is covered by dust, rinse it with water and dry it until it is replaced.

5) Blockage of dust removal bag. When clogging occurs in the cloth bag, the resistance increases, which can be shown by an increase in the reading of the differential pressure gauge.

Clogging is the main cause of wear, perforation and shedding of cloth bags. Check and repair the dust bag clog according to the table below.

Generally take the following measures: 

(1) temporarily to strengthen the ash, in order to eliminate the blockage of the bag;

 (2) Partially or completely replace the cloth bags; 

(3) Adjust the installation and operation conditions.