Select the method of dust removal filter bag

- Apr 30, 2020-

Select the method of dust removal filter bag

1. Principles of filter bag selection and matters needing attention

According to the nature of dust gas, the nature of dust and the dust removal method of the dust collector are usually different selection of filter bag, selection should follow the following principles:

The filter bag performance should meet the production conditions and dust removal process of the general situation and special requirements.

In the above premise, should choose as far as possible to use the short life of the filter bag, this is because the short life can not only save operating costs, so can meet the gas emissions requirements for a long time.

When selecting the filter bag should be for a variety of filter material sorting comprehensive comparison, should never use a so-called "good" filter bag to adapt to a variety of working conditions.

(4) in the nature of gas, dust and ash, should grasp the main factors to choose the filter bag, such as high temperature gas, corrosion gas, flammable dust, etc.