Select the method of fine dust removal filter bag

- Sep 10, 2020-

Select the method of fine dust removal filter bag

As the dust removal product with the highest dust removal efficiency and lowest emission concentration, the bag filter has become the preferred dust removal product for the current environment treatment. It designs and selects the model, size and material of the filter bag according to the user's working condition to achieve the best dust removal effect.

The bag filter is generally called dust filter bag, dust filter bag, dust collection bag, dust collection bag, dust bag, dust filter bag, etc. The dust bag is a key part in the operation of the bag filter, which can be called the heart of the bag filter. It is a dry dust removal device, suitable for catching fine, dry non-fibrous dust. Its structure is mainly composed of the upper box body, the middle box body, the lower box body (ash bucket), the ash cleaning system and the exhaust flight mechanism.

So how to choose a good performance of dust bag?

First of all, the method of dust cleaning is one of the characteristics to distinguish the bag filter, and it is also an important part in the operation of the bag filter. The ash cleaning system plays a decisive role in the bag filter. Then, the fabric and design of the dust-removing cloth bag should pursue the effect of efficient filtration, easy dust stripping and durable. Finally, the temperature, humidity and chemical properties of the gas, particle size, dust concentration, filter wind speed, dust cleaning method and other factors are also factors that should be taken into consideration when choosing a bag deduster.

Dust removal bag is generally divided into pulse dust removal filter bag, vibration dust removal bag and back blow dust removal bag according to the way of dust removal. As an excellent dust removal equipment, it is widely used in steel production, coal-fired boilers, building materials production, electrolysis of metals and rare metals, micro-fine material recovery and other industries, with remarkable effects, widely praised.

In order to make the bag deduster can be used for a long time, the following matters need to be noted:

1. New process and old cloth bags should not be mixed, so as to avoid damage time that may affect the normal work of dust removal equipment.

2. Aging of cloth bags. If it is mainly caused by the following reasons, the cause shall be investigated, elimination measures shall be taken and the dust filter bag shall be replaced.

Hardening and shrinkage due to abnormal high temperature;

(2) due to vapor contact with acid, alkali or organic solvent;

(3) reacts with water.

3. Press cloth should not be hung too loose or too tight, because it is easy to accumulate dust and too tight to be damaged.

4. Replace the cloth bag by blowing clean with compressed air, and then check whether there are any holes. After repairing the holes, it will be left for replacement. If the bag is covered by dust, rinse it with water and dry it until it is replaced.

5. Blockage of dust removal bag. When clogging occurs in the cloth bag, the resistance increases, which can be shown by an increase in the reading of the differential pressure gauge. Clogging is the main cause of wear, perforation and shedding of cloth bags. Check and repair the dust bag clog according to the table below. The following measures are generally taken:

(1) temporarily strengthen the ash to eliminate the blockage of the bag;

(2) Partially or completely replace the cloth bags;

(3) Adjust the installation and operation conditions.