Selection of liquid filter bag installation location

- Jun 30, 2020-

Selection of liquid filter bag installation location

(1) In general low-pressure devices with pressure below 140kg/cm2, suction filters are usually only installed, but reflux filters and air filters should also be installed

(2) In general medium and high pressure liquid devices with pressure above 140kg/cm2, reflux filter is commonly used to control pollution concentration. But when there are special requirements for reliability, high pressure pipe filters should be used.

(3) In order to increase its reliability, electromagnetic proportional control valves or micro-flow adjustment valves should be equipped with terminal filters.

(4) When using the servo valve, efforts should be made to reduce the pollution concentration of the system. Therefore, high-pressure and reflux filters should be used; In large capacity, to set up a circulating filter, more should be installed in the auxiliary pipeline terminal filter.