Should air filter element be selected carefully and used in different occasions?

- Apr 19, 2019-

Should air filter element be selected carefully and used in different occasions?




1. Should the selection of air filter element be cautious?


Air filter element product selection, from a professional perspective is an important work, because it is related to the normal use of products and have good use effect, so, in the attitude to be careful and serious and carry on, and can not be treated lightly and careless. In consideration, all relevant factors should be taken into consideration to ensure the selection of suitable products.




2. Is the air filter element used in the air purifier? Does it matter?


Air purifier plays the role of air purification, and the key component is air filter element, through which air purification can be realized. In addition, air filter elements with appropriate materials should be selected according to the application environment and purification requirements of the purifier, so as to ensure the full use of the air filter element, and make it play its due role and function.




3. What materials can be used for the air filter element on the car engine? Which parts of the car should have air filters?


The air filter element on the automobile engine can be made of non-woven fabric to filter out the suspended particles in the air and protect the engine and its interior. In addition, in addition to non-woven fabric, can also have some other materials, as long as the filter can meet the requirements. And the car needs to use the air filter parts, generally there are two, is for the car engine and air conditioning.




4. Does the air filter element have different filtration requirements for different occasions? Is it generic?


Air filter element is a kind of filter element, which can be used in different occasions, but it should be noted that different occasions will have different filtration requirements, so the material of the filter element may be different to meet different filtration requirements. Moreover, they are not universal, can not be used interchangeably, otherwise, it will affect the effect of the air filter and the service life of the product.