Stay away from bad air filters

- Dec 27, 2019-

Stay away from bad air filters

(a) look at the depth of the filter paper, fold number, if the filter paper is deep, fold number of filter paper, indicating that the filter area of the air filter is large. The air filter area is large, so the air permeability will be better.

Air filter to do waterproof performance, consumption is not particularly difficult, as long as it is made of high quality wood pulp filter paper can meet the requirements, but the cost of production will be slightly higher, real difficult is waterproof properties not only, also meet the filtering precision and air permeability, can meet the requirements of these three aspects at the same time, is the real good air filter.

(2) water testing, this is the key to crime, the simplest identification method. For people without testing experience, water is the best way to test the quality of the air filter. Just put the air filter on the floor or table and sprinkle some water on the filter paper:

(1) if it takes 12-15 hours for water to seep into the filter paper, it belongs to the better filter paper (medium-grade filter paper). Generally, the domestic complete machine factory with better quality USES the air filter of this kind of filter paper as the original factory consumption material.

(2) if the filter paper does not leak water in 24 hours, it is absolutely superior (high-grade filter paper), usually high-grade complete machine factory only choose the air filter of this kind of filter paper as the original factory supplies.

(3) if the filter paper within 5 minutes of the infiltration of water, it is made of cotton pulp paper air filter (fake filter paper), absolutely can not be used, this kind of air filter from hebei, in the air compressor industry there are a few greedy people in the use.

(4) if the filter paper that percolates in 2-5 hours is made of low-grade wood pulp paper, it can be used, but it will reduce the gas production efficiency of the air compressor (high power consumption, low gas production), resulting in high power consumption of the air compressor. Because this kind of filter paper made of air filter price is relatively low, and also can make do with, so now the air compressor industry this kind of filter paper air filter is the mainstream, the vast majority of air compressor stores are selling this kind of air filter.

(3) looking at the light to see whether the filter paper is uniform, whether the transmittance is good, whether the surface of the filter paper is good. If the filter paper is even and fine, good transmittance, good surface finish, the filter paper filtration precision is high, good permeability (this identification method needs some experience).