Structure and working principle of cartridge filter

- Nov 16, 2020-

Structure and working principle of cartridge filter

The structure of the filter cartridge dust collector is composed of the air inlet pipe, the air exhaust pipe, the box body, the ash bucket, the ash cleaning device, the diversion device, the airflow distribution plate, the filter barrel and the electric control device, which is similar to the dust removal structure of the air box pulse bag.

The arrangement of the filter cartridge is very important in the dust collector. It can be arranged vertically on the flower-board of the box body or tilted on the flower-board. From the perspective of the effect of ash cleaning, the vertical arrangement is more reasonable. The lower part of the flower plate is the filter chamber and the upper part is the gas box pulse chamber. An air flow distribution plate is provided at the inlet of the dust collector.

After the dust containing gas enters the dust hopper, due to the sudden expansion of the airflow section and the action of the airflow distribution plate, a part of the coarse particles in the airflow settle in the dust hopper under the action of dynamic and inertial forces. After entering the filter chamber, the dust particles with fine particle size and small density are deposited on the surface of the filter material through brown diffusion and screening, and the purified gas enters the clean air chamber and is discharged by the exhaust pipe through the fan.

The resistance of cartridge filter increases with the increase of dust layer thickness. Ash removal occurs when the resistance reaches a specified value. At this time of PLC program control pulse valve opening and closing, lift valve closed, first one room will be truncated filtering flow, and then the electromagnetic pulse valve open, compressed air and a short time the case on the rapid expansion, the influx of cartridge, cartridge expansion deformation produces vibration, and under the action of reverse flow scouring, attached to the filter bag dust on the surface of the appearance, stripped fell into the hopper. After the ash removal, the solenoid pulse valve is closed, the lifting valve is opened, and the filtration state of the chamber is restored. Each room is carried out in turn, and the period from the first room to the next room is a cleaning period. The dust falls into the dust hopper and is discharged by the ash discharge valve.