Ten inspection methods of high temperature resistant dust removal filter bag

- Aug 24, 2020-

Ten inspection methods of high temperature resistant dust removal filter bag

The top ten detection methods of high temperature resistant dust removal filter bags

1. Thin and thick: Thin and thick is the key technological performance of dust remover bag, which has great harm to the air permeability and abrasion resistance of filter material.

2. Relative density: the relative density of should be expressed by the number of cotton yarn roots within the enterprise spacing, i.e., the number of transverse-number between Lin (2.54cm) and 5cm. The relative density of non-woven fabrics is measured in terms of volume relative density, that is, the net weight drop of the total area of the filtration material enterprise (how many grams per square meter).

Quality: Quality is usually called cloth weight, which refers to how many grams of ash removal filter material weight per square meter. Because of the material and structure are reflected in its quality, quality becomes the basis of determining the characteristics of dust remover bags. The key index value, together with it, is the key factor in determining the price of dust removal bags.

Iv. Water absorption: the water absorption of a dust remover bag is the index value of its characteristics. This property appears to be even more critical when the smoke vapor contains moisture. When the dust vapor has a large moisture content, the dust collector's bag has a high water absorption, which will lead to the dust adhesion, make the dust collector's bag block, increase the friction resistance, and cause the dust removal characteristics. At the present stage, Jiuzheng Tongming existing non-absorbent filter materials, not afraid of condensation water, excellent characteristics.

5. Fire resistance: The fire resistance of dust catcher bag is an important index value in the whole process of its specific application. The ignition of a duster bag involves several whole processes of polymer melting air oxidation and cracking. According to the characteristics of polymers, they are generally classified into inflammability, inflammability, flame retardancy and incombustibility according to the level of their flammability. Flame retardant and refractory filter materials can improve the safety factor of dust removal equipment operation.

6. High temperature and temperature resistance: Waterproof temperature resistance refers to the temperature and attention level of the dust catcher bag, which is the key factor to select the filter material of dust catcher bag. When selecting the filter material of the dust catcher bag, the heat resistance of the filter material of the dust catcher bag should be fully considered, that is, the long-term operating temperature of the dust catcher bag and the high temperature and humidity that will be generated in the short term, and the temperature resistance of the dust catcher bag should also be fully considered. That is, the ability of the filter material to withstand air drying and cold and humidity. After the solution, the heat resistance of the dust catcher bag will be improved.

7. Stiffness: the stiffness is the index value of the soft level of the dust collector bag. The only way to comment on its features is to feel them. Cloth dust remover bags are very soft and basically have no stiffness, while felt and non-woven dust remover bags have the required stiffness due to the application of epoxy resin to the production and processing of the surface layer, which gives different provisions for ash removal.

8. Specification reliability: specification reliability refers to the expansion and contraction rate of the filter material in the warp and zonal directions. The expansion and contraction of the filter material changes the porosity of the filter material, which endangers the efficiency and friction resistance of the filter material, and sometimes even endangers the normal operation of the dust removal equipment. Therefore, the smaller the expansion and contraction ratio of the dust remover bag, the better.

9. Corrosion resistance. Corrosion resistance includes resistance to acid, alkali, reducing agent, oxidant and solvent. A variety of compounds are often found in soot vapors, which makes the bag of dust remover resistant to corrosion.

10, electrostatic induction: the fitness of the steam body or the impact of fine particles will make some dust collector bag filter materials cause charge, this kind of electrostatic effect on the whole process of the danger of two levels. The beneficial side depends on the positive charge absorption effect of opposite-sex friends, which makes fine particles move from the cyclone to the positive charge in reverse, and further improves the efficiency of filtering. One side of the adverse effect depends on the electrostatic induction and the gravitational field may not fade at the end of the overworry link, making it difficult to remove the ash. In addition, because the induction of electric dust deposition, static working voltage increases, it will cause fire and explosion. Therefore, sometimes it is necessary to carry out antistatic solutions to dust remover bags, such as incorporating conductive fibers into the filter material to improve the electrical resistance of the filter material, that is to say, alias.