The advantages of a filter cartridge compared a filter bag

- May 24, 2020-

The advantages of a filter cartridge over a filter bag

1. Pleated filter cartridge increases the filtration area and occupies less space;

2. Increase air volume;

3. Reduce the filter wind speed;

4, easy to clear ash, reduce the pressure difference;

5. Save compressed air;

6. Convenient installation and maintenance;

7. High dust removal efficiency.

8. Extended service life of filter cylinder.

9. Ventura tube and cage frame are all exempted.

10. Low overall cost

Of course, the filter barrel is not universal in the dust removal industry, and some working conditions can not completely replace the filter bag

1. Filter cartridge  is not recommended in high temperature environment, which is usually higher than 120℃. Therefore, the cost is high

2, high concentration environment, if the dust concentration is very large, we do not recommend the use of filter drum.