The advantages of dusting bags

- Oct 17, 2020-

The advantages of dusting bags

The advantages of dust removal bag include (1) high dust removal efficiency, which can reach 99% in general. It can trap fine dust particles with particle size greater than o· 3 m, which can meet strict environmental protection requirements.

(2) Stable performance. The changes of air volume, gas dust content, temperature and other working conditions have little influence on the dust removal effect of dust removal bag.

(3) Dust treatment is easy. Dust bag is a dry cleaning equipment, does not need water, so there is no sewage treatment or mud treatment problems, the collected dust is easy to recover and use.

(4) Flexible use. The treated air volume can be from hundreds of cubic meters per hour to hundreds of thousands of cubic meters per hour, which can be used as a small unit directly located in the room, near the machine tool, or can be made into a large dust removal room.

(5) Relatively simple structure, relatively stable operation, less initial investment, easy maintenance.