The air supply and low power consumption of dust filter cartridge

- Jul 20, 2019-

The air supply and low power consumption of dust filter cartridge 

The cleaning of the filter material of the dedusting filter cylinder purifier can be effectively realized through the pulse injection mechanism controlled by the pressure difference sensor. When the purifier runs for a period of time, its fine smoke and dust will be adsorbed on the surface of the filter material, which will reduce the permeability of the filter material.

Dust removal filter cartridge is detected when the differential pressure sensor in the pressure difference exceeds a certain value of the output differential pressure signals and pulse generator to accept the order after the injection of the start pulse valve, clean compressed air of valve mouth, ejector air filter cartridge for purging stop until differential pressure below a set value, filter material under the action of surface adsorption of dust in the air is cleared, fall in the dust hopper at the bottom of the chamber body. The pulse injection requires 0.4-0.6mpa of clean compressed air, and the operation must maintain a continuous and constant air supply.

Performance characteristics of dust removal filter cylinder:

The whole set of dust removal system mechanism is very compact, in the process of design need to fully consider the reliability and environmental protection of the system, in the entrance of the dust collector design a guide plate, reduce the impact of dust gas on the filter cylinder, prolong the service life of the filter cylinder.

The wide box structure design of dust removal filter cylinder will reduce the resistance of the dust collector to some extent. Reasonable man-machine design concept, convenient for equipment inspection, repair and maintenance. Advanced control system design can always ensure the equipment to work under low power consumption conditions.

The commonly used automatic cleaning method of filter cylinder includes high pressure gas pulse back blowing and mechanical vibration. Pulse backblowing is to use the preset parameters of the controller to give the solenoid valve a signal, instantly open and close the diaphragm of the solenoid valve, so that high-pressure gas enters the spray pipe, and use the rapid expansion force of gas to shake off dust on the surface of the filter cylinder. Generally, we set the gas pressure at about 6 kg. Mechanical vibration cleaning is often used in small single-machine filter cylinder dust remover, which USES the chattering power generated by eccentric device on the flower plate of the dust remover to clean dust.