The automation and configuration of the liquid filtration system

- Jan 27, 2019-

The automation and configuration of the liquid filtration system  


Liquid filtration system, is the liquid filtration for the operation of the system, and is one of the filtering system, so it is necessary to familiar with and understand, so you can have a comprehensive understanding of this kind of system and deep understanding, at the same time, know how to correct and reasonable operation, in turn, let the fluid filter has good filtering effect.



1. Selection of liquid filtration system


Liquid filtration system product selection, from a professional point of view, this is an important work, so, can not be ignored and careless treatment, so as to avoid the wrong choice, and then affect the normal use of the product, even because the product can not be used to cause product waste and economic losses to users. On its consideration factor in choose and buy, product producing area, parameter, quality, price, manufacturer and the service after sale of the product these 6 factors must consider, and product use environment and use requirement, it is to decide according to actual situation whether to consider.



2. Can the manufacturer of the liquid filtration system manufacture other products? Can the product be automated?


Liquid filtration system manufacturers, one of its main products is for the liquid filtration system, however, in addition to this one product, is also can have other products, such as filter bag, bag filter, etc.. From the perspective of professional technology, liquid filtration system can achieve automatic operation, and the adoption of this mode of operation can improve the work efficiency of the system, thus improving the system performance and use effect.



3. Is it appropriate to use a liquid filter bag in the liquid filtration system? What are the advantages?


It is very suitable to use liquid filter bag in the liquid filtration system, and as long as the correct and standard operation, it can have good filtration effect and achieve the purpose of use. Liquid filter bag, which is a specific type of filter bag, and it is has some advantages for:



(1) normally, high-speed industrial sewing machines without silicon oil cooling are used for manufacturing, so the problem of silicon oil pollution will not occur.


(2) a good process should be adopted to suture the filter bag to avoid problems such as side leakage and rupture. In addition, the label on the filter bag can be easily removed to prevent the filter bag in the use of labels and ink on the filtrate pollution.



4. What does the liquid filtration system mainly look at? Is there a difference between the liquid filter and the air filter?


The configuration of liquid filtration system mainly depends on the impurity composition, flow rate and filtration requirements of the liquid, whether it is emulsion filtration system or grinding concentrated filtration system. Liquid filter elements and air filter elements are, from a professional point of view, two different types of filter elements, because they do not filter the same object, in addition, in the filter requirements are not the same.