The characteristics of bag dust collector

- Mar 17, 2020-

The characteristics of  bag dust collector

(1) the bag filter dust removal efficiency is high, generally more than 99%, the dust concentration of the precipitator outlet gas within dozens of mg/m3, submicron particle size of fine dust has a higher classification efficiency.

The range of air volume is wide, small only 1min m3, large up to 1min tens of thousands of m3, can be used for industrial furnace smoke dust removal, reduce the emission of air pollutants.

The structure is simple, easy to maintain and operate.  

Under the premise of ensuring the same high dust removal efficiency, the cost is lower than the electric precipitator.

5, the use of glass fiber, polytetrafluoroethylene, P84 and other high temperature resistant filter material, can be more than 200℃ under the high temperature conditions.

Dust is not sensitive to the characteristics of dust, dust and resistance is not affected