The dust bag use notes and product price calculation

- Feb 25, 2019-

 The dust bag use notes and product price calculation



Dust bag, that is to play the role of dust collection and dust removal bag, and can be a cloth bag, so it is called dust bag. Since, mentioned this dust removal parts, and from the current point of view is more applications, may wish to have a good understanding of the following, so, can also be used in the appropriate occasions the correct product.



1. Is it important to consider the relevant factors when purchasing dust removal bags?


Dust bag when the choose and buy, it is required to consider all relevant factors, it also needs to know which factors must be considered, can't miss any of them, because only in this way, to ensure a correct selection and choose the right product, to avoid errors and waste products, thus, avoid to bring economic losses to the user. At this point, the answer to the question is yes.



2. Are there any matters needing attention in the use of dust bag?


From a professional point of view, there are notes in the use of dust bag, and need to have a clear understanding and correct understanding, so as not to affect the use of dust bag.



(1) the new and old dust bag cannot be mixed, so as not to affect the normal work and operation of dust removal equipment.


(2) dust bag use, should avoid aging problems, so, to control the temperature of its use, to avoid contact with acid, alkali and organic solvents or its steam, but also to avoid reactions with other substances.


(3) the installation of dust bag should be correct and appropriate, and its tightness should be appropriate.


(4) in the process of use, it should be cleaned and checked regularly. If there is any problem, it should be dealt with in time. If it cannot be used, it should be replaced with a new one.



3. How to calculate the product price of dust bag?


Dust bag of product price calculation, it is need to know some professional knowledge, if it is dust bag, so there is a corresponding calculation formula, is for the length (caliber * 3.14 + 0.03) * * unit price, so get the dust bag concrete price, its diameter in the formula, refers to how much is the opening of the installed flower board, the unit price refers to the price per square meter, different material or different manufacturers have different price.



4. Is the dedusting bag an important part of the pulse and air-box type pulse dust remover?


In pulse and air-box type pulse dust remover, the dust bag is very important, because it is used to play the role of dust collection and dust removal, if there is no dust bag, is unable to carry out dust removal work and will affect the normal use of the dust remover. Therefore, attention should be paid to this component, and choose the appropriate products to ensure the normal use of the dust remover.