The feature and cleaning methods of the filter cartridge

- Dec 28, 2018-

The feature and cleaning methods of the filter cartridge

Filter cartridge, like filter bag, is also a common and common filter element, but in appearance is the number one element, so it is called the filter cartridge. In the role, mainly plays the role of filtering, is used in a variety of filtering operations. And the following, is to carry out this filter element learning and understanding, so as to know how to use properly.

Filter cartridge, which is a cylindrical lens used for filtering, and according to the different media can be divided into two types, one is used to filter gas, another is used to filter liquid. Used to filter liquid, is installed in the pipe filter, its shape is generally conical, so, can be called conical filter mesh. However, at present, the filter cartridge is more used in gas filtration, is a kind of surface filtration element, the use of aluminum surface formation of small breathable tissue to block out the granular material in the gas. In the material, there are two kinds of glass fiber filter tube and corundum filter tube. The glass fiber filter tube is made of ultra-fine glass fiber, and the collection rate of dust particles above 0.5um can reach 99.9%.

1. Material and installation of filter cartridge

Filter material in the filter cylinder, which is an important component, and is an indispensable part, in the material of the filter material, there are wood pulp fiber filter paper, polyester fiber non-woven cloth, etc., of which polyester non-woven cloth, can be coated with film, waterproof and anti-static treatment. The installation method of filter barrel is vertical hoisting, oblique installation at a specific Angle and flange installation.

2. Feature of the filter cartridge and comparison with the filter bag

The filter cartridge, can greatly increase the effective filtration area and improve the air flow. The installation is simple and convenient, especially suitable for dust concentration industry. When compared with the filter bag, it can be concluded that the filter cartridge has advantages over the filter bag in some aspects and is suitable for use.

3. Ash removal method of filter cartridge

The cleaning method of the filter barrel is generally automatic cleaning. In terms of the specific cleaning method, there are two kinds of high-pressure gas pulse back-blowing and mechanical vibration. High-pressure gas pulse back blowing, it is to use the rapid expansion of the gas to shake off the dust on the surface of the filter cylinder, and mechanical vibration, it is mainly used in the small single-machine filter cylinder dust collector, but the dust collector needs to stop before the operation.