The filter bag cloth causes turbidity of the liquid

- Aug 07, 2020-

The filter bag cloth causes turbidity of the liquid 

The mesh size of the bag filter cloth is too small

Mesh is an important parameter of a press cloth, and the size of the parameter indicates the number of filter holes in the press cloth. The smaller the mesh number is, the larger the filter hole of the bag filter is, whereas the filter hole of the press cloth is smaller. Therefore, in the process of material filtration, a small mesh of press cloth will cause many solids to pass through the filter cloth in a normal way, resulting in the final result that the filtered liquid is not clear to the bottom.

The bag filter cloth retracts between the filter plates

To filter cloth in use process to work properly, you will need to both sides of the filter cloth is independent of the space, this would require the cooperation of filter plate, will be pressure on the edge of the filter plate edge filter cloth, filter cloth is often greater than the filter plate, because the bag filter to filter chamber, lead to retract into the filter chamber filter cloth, filter cloth is not so important, natural filtering effect is not very good.

Rupture of bag filter press cloth

Press cloth is woven from fibers, just like cloth, so the press cloth has high flexibility and ductility. It is because of this that it is easy to damage the press cloth in the process of using bag filter, especially hard objects appear on the filtered materials. When the press cloth is punctured, it will run through the filter cloth, so the filter will not have much effect.