The filter bag is resistant to heavy wear dust

- Sep 01, 2020-

The filter bag is resistant to heavy wear dust

It can be called the heart of the filter bag filter. However, the difference of the filter bag filter, ash cleaning method, the filter bag itself and working environment will affect the selection of the filter bag. Generally, the selection of dust removal filter bag is affected by the working condition, especially in the working condition with strong wear dust, the requirements for dust removal filter bag are more strict. Generally, the dust filter bag material suitable for use under the condition of strong wear dust has the following three characteristics:

1, in all kinds of fiber chemical fiber is better than glass fiber, and glass fiber is better than general glass fiber, fine, short, crimped fiber, curved fiber is better than coarse, long, smooth fiber. As the dust layer thickens, it is necessary to clear the dust layer regularly to ensure the continuous dust removal process.  

2. Felt is one of the materials of dust removal filter bag, in which needling method should be used to strengthen the interlacing between fibers. Satin fabric is one of the many fabrics, and velvet on the fabric surface is also a measure to improve the wear resistance. Dust removal framework is a bag filter which USES mechanical devices (including manual, electromagnetic vibration and pneumatic) to make dust removal bags vibrate and clean the dust. This kind of bag filter is characterized by less kinetic energy applied to the dust layer and more times.

3. For the circular dust bag commonly used for large and medium-sized filter bag filters, the ratio of length to diameter of the bag is (15 ~ 40) : 1. Satin or twill weave filter cloth is preferred; in special occasions, thin needle-punched felt dust bag reinforced with base cloth can be selected, with a thickness of 1.0 ~ 1.5mm and a position area of 300-400g /m. For the flat bag, diamond bag or honeycomb bag commonly used in small-sized filter bag filter, it is necessary to have a supporting dust removal skeleton. Thin needled felt filter material with good wear resistance and air permeability is preferred, and the unit area mass is 350 ~ 400g/m.

In addition to the above three points, the filter bags can also be coated and polished after treatment, especially after treatment of dust bags with poor wear resistance such as glass fiber, their wear resistance and folding resistance are improved. But if the wear is too strong, there will be the risk of being worn out, so too strong to remove the dust, should choose the above three points of material filter material plus plastic coated dust filter bag, to combat the strong wear of dust.