The filter equipment is developing in the direction of energy conservation and environmental protection

- Aug 05, 2019-

The filter equipment is developing in the direction of energy conservation and environmental protection

With the related requirements of water treatment equipment in China, filtration equipment which plays a decisive role in water treatment has a good development prospect. In pharmaceutical water treatment, filtration equipment has also become an indispensable role.

Since then, most of China's enterprises have been small in scale, low production concentration, low level of repeated construction phenomenon is serious, low-end products overcapacity. No matter the production scale of the original filter enterprises is expanded, or the newly established filter production enterprises, the technological level of process equipment and products has not been improved, and the production capacity of low-end products is obviously excess.

Domestic air conditioning filter element manufacturers filter enterprise product research and development capacity is weak, lack of original technology. Although domestic host support has achieved localization, but the independent development of brand new products are few. Most air conditioning filter element manufacturers are difficult to get involved in the early development of host enterprises, can not adapt to systematic, modular supply requirements.

In recent years, we face more and more serious air pollution, air purification has become a characteristic topic of discussion, many home appliances market has also begun to introduce this kind of equipment, sales are very hot, enough to see our people for the quality of life requirements are higher and higher. Also in the pharmaceutical industry, the requirement for filtration equipment is increasing to reduce pollution.

In recent years, energy conservation and environmental protection has become the trend of The Times. With the gradual enhancement of people's awareness of environmental protection, filter equipment enterprises develop rapidly, improve product structure through technological innovation, and seek long-term development.

Although the development time of filter equipment industry in China is not long, but people's enthusiasm for filter equipment is gradually growing, which is definitely a good trend, I believe that the domestic market will gradually close to the international market.

Therefore, the domestic filter equipment industry should establish a special r & d center, improve the ability of independent development, the production of filter equipment should not always blindly copy foreign technology, but according to our market situation, develop suitable products for the public.