The filter media of the filter bag

- Apr 14, 2020-

The filter media of the filter bag

Filter medium the main role of filter medium is to support the filter cake, must have a porous structure, sufficient mechanical strength and as little as possible flow resistance, corrosion resistance.

Commonly used filter media are the following types:

(1) fabric media, such as industrial filter cloth, wire mesh, etc.;

(2) granular media, such as perlite powder, cellulose, diatomite, etc.;

Solid board, such as decolorized wood board, synthetic fiberboard, etc.;

Filter membrane, made of cellulose and other polymers. Granular medium is used as a filter aid to precoat the surface of fabric medium for coarse filtration. Solid board medium is used for semi - fine filtration and fine filtration; The filter membrane medium is used for fine filtration and ultra-fine filtration.