The filtration process of liquid filter bag

- May 10, 2020-

The filtration process of liquid filter bag

The filtrate filtration of the liquid filter bag is treated by singeing, which can not only prevent the fiber from getting out of the polluted filtrate, but also prevent the filter hole from being blocked by the traditional roller treatment and shorten the life of the filter bag. 

The raw material is pure white and has not been bleached and dyed, which conforms to environmental protection standards.

 Due to the three-dimensional filter layer of the needle felt, when the liquid flows through the liquid filter bag, the particles will stay on the inner surface and deep layer of the liquid filter bag due to the deep filtration mechanism, which has a high collection efficiency for solid or colloidal particles.

The uniform thickness, stable opening rate and strength of the needled felt make the efficiency of the liquid filter bag stable and the application time relatively long. 

Five thread double stitch is a tight sewing process, the purpose is to make each liquid filter bag can reach the filtration standard. Use more, applicable to various industries of liquid filtration.