The inlet flow rate of the filter cartridge

- Jul 14, 2020-

The inlet flow rate of the filter cartridge also has strict requirements according to the different filter paper

In the process of industrial production, some machines to strictly avoid dust to enter, but there are some enterprises is to dust for processing, in order to maintain the correct use of the machine, and avoid the happening of machine fault, should be installed in the machine filter cartridges, communication is able to insulate dust in the air, isolate them to avoid damage to internal components into the machine, therefore, have corresponding standards, to the filtering effect of filter barrels made mandatory regulation, the dust filtering effect must be above 99%.

General filter cartridges in the filter paper in the process of production, the use of wood pulp fiber filter paper, of course, also have some special need polyester non-woven fabrics, are very different, the speed of the air through the former should reach the wind speed 0.6 meters per minute, the latter was one metre per minute, in addition to the characteristics of enterprise production dust, different dust intake efficiency, at present all kinds of industrial production of filter cartridges, already has a wide application, and a good protection enterprise maintenance machine, improve the production efficiency, reduce the maintenance cost of the machine.

In different machines used in the filter cartridge length is quite different, it needs to be specific for some machines of the production enterprises independent design, generally speaking, all the area of the filter is larger, then through and the smaller wind speed, filter tube is a kind of consumption products, as the filter element, the installation should be very simple, the process of dismantling should be done quickly at the same time, to facilitate production personnel to maintenance and replacement of it, this is all to the special requirement of the filter cartridges, because the production of filter cartridges requirement is very strict, so relevant enterprises should be carried out in accordance with the relevant provisions to.