The installation position of the liquid filter and is the stainless steel type commonly used?

- Mar 02, 2019-

The installation position of the liquid filter and is the stainless steel type commonly used?



Liquid filter, this is a specific type of filter, but also a specific type of filter often used in the filter, so need to have a comprehensive understanding and understanding of the correct and reasonable use, so as to have good use effect and achieve the purpose of use, at the same time, play the role of liquid filter should be.



1. Do all relevant factors need to be considered when choosing liquid filters?


When choosing liquid filters, all relevant factors should be taken into consideration, and a comprehensive and comprehensive consideration should be carried out, so as to enable oneself to have accurate judgment and correct choice, so as to choose the right product and avoid wrong choice. And, this also can avoid wrong choice. To its relevant factor, it is to need key consideration, because be concerned with product choose and buy and can affect the correct choose and buy of the product, so, the answer of this problem is.



2. Is the installation location of the liquid filter important?


Liquid filter installation location, this is an important work, because related to the filter can be used normally and have a good effect and can achieve the desired purpose of use, so, can not be treated lightly and carelessly, in the installable position, there are:



(1) can be installed in the pump suction port, used to filter out the larger impurity particles in the liquid and play a protective role in the hydraulic pump.


(2) can be installed in the pump outlet oil circuit, used to filter out some pollutants, to avoid these pollutants on valves and other components caused damage. However, it should be able to withstand the working pressure and impact pressure of the oil circuit, and the pressure drop should not be greater than 0.35mpa.


(3) it can be installed on the oil return circuit of the system to play the role of indirect filtration. In general, will be parallel installation of a back pressure valve.


(4) it can be installed on the system branch oil circuit or separately installed in the filtration system to form an independent filtration loop.



3. Is the stainless steel liquid filter commonly used?


Stainless steel liquid filter, this is a specific type of liquid filter, because its material is stainless steel, so this kind of filter is called stainless steel liquid filter. The filter in the composition, is a cylinder, stainless steel filter, transmission device and electrical control, etc., the stainless steel filter is to play a role in filtering, the liquid particles in the filter, so that can achieve the purpose of liquid purification. This kind of liquid filter is used in some industries, so it is a kind of common and commonly used liquid filter.