The knowledge of filter bag

- Dec 27, 2018-

What is filter bag and the knowledge of liquid and air filter bag.



Filter bag, which is a relatively common and often used filter element, is mainly used in a variety of filtering operations, plays the role of filtering, and through filtering to get the desired substance or achieve the desired effect of use. Therefore, based on this point, it is necessary to get familiar with and understand the filter bag, so as to have a correct understanding of the product.



Filter bag, which is a kind of filter element, and is a key link in the process of filtering, the quality of the filter bag will determine the quality of filtering and filtering efficiency, so, this filter element can not be ignored. The material is nylon, polypropylene, polyester, teflon and stainless steel and so on.



Filter bag type 1: liquid filter bag


Liquid filter bag, namely this kind of filter bag is used to filter liquid, and can have stainless steel ring mouth, PP ring mouth and PE plastic ring mouth, such as these different ring mouth, but also can have different bag bottom and bag top design. This kind of filter bag, its filtrate filtration is processed by special singeing treatment, which can avoid fiber separation and filtrate pollution and other problems, and can avoid the blockage of the filter hole and affect the service life of the filter bag. If, it is the use of needle-felt three-dimensional filter layer, can have a higher solid or colloidal particle collection rate. In application, the product can be used for general industrial liquid filtration, and can be used repeatedly. Applicable industries are coating, food, grain and oil and chemical industries.



Liquid filter bags are characterized by the following, which are:


High speed industrial sewing machine without silicon oil cooling can be used to avoid the problem of silicon oil pollution.


Bag mouth place does not have very tall protuberant also do not have needle eye, can avoid side leak phenomenon effectively.


It has wide filtration range and good sealing performance to reduce the chance of side leakage.



Filter bag type 2: dust filter bag


Dust filter bag, which is a specific type of filter bag, and divided into air filter bag and dust bag these two kinds. In terms of filtration grade, it is from G4 to F8, and a special high-flux and low-resistance chemical fiber cloth is used as the filter material with a large dust capacity. On the frame, galvanized steel, aluminum alloy, stainless steel and plastic materials can be used. In application, the filter bag can be used in the air purification systems of electronic, biotechnology, mechanical instruments and petrochemical light industry.