The knowledge of membrane filter cartridge and anti-static filter cartridge

- Jan 12, 2019-

The knowledge of membrane filter cartridge and anti-static filter cartridge



Filter cartridge, like filter bag, is also a commonly used filter element, and can have different types, such as filter cartridge, membrane filter cartridge, nano filter cartridge and anti-static filter cartridge, so below, to briefly understand the different types of filter cartridge, familiar with some of the specific types of filter cartridge.



One type of filter cartridge: membrane filter cartridge


The PTFE coated filter cartridge can also be considered as the frequently mentioned PTFE coated filter cartridge. Compared with the ordinary filter cartridge, this kind of filter cartridge is PTFE-treated and its main characteristics are:



(1) with good non-adhesion, almost all substances will not appear adhesion phenomenon.


(2) has the very good heat resistance and resistance to low temperature type, in a short period of time can bear the high temperature of 300 ℃, 240 ℃, 260 ℃ temperature range can be continuous use. In addition, there is good thermal stability, not embrittlement at low temperature, high temperature does not melt.


(3) the coating has a small friction coefficient, although the friction coefficient will change under load sliding, but only between 0.05 and 0.15 changes, almost no impact.


(4) the surface of the coating does not touch water or oil, nor does it touch the solution. Even if there is a small amount of dirt, it can be easily wiped off.


(5) good wear resistance and corrosion resistance, almost free from chemical corrosion.



Filter cartridge type ii: anti - static filter cartridge


Anti-static filter cylinder, as the name suggests, is a kind of filter cylinder that can play the role of anti-static, which is to use conductive materials coated on the surface of the filter material or blended in the filter material layer, to the need to deal with the electrostatic dust into the earth, to achieve a very good anti-static effect. This kind of filter cartridge has certain advantages in use, it is easy to clear and not easy to accumulate ash, and will not cause spark because of static electricity.



Anti-static filter cartridge filter material form, it also have several kinds, one is the basic material overlying conductive aluminum membrane or conductive polymer materials, the second is the basic material overlying stainless steel metal fibre, three was implanted in basic material on the surface of carbon fiber, four is the basic material to join in the manufacturing process of blending conductive fiber, the choice of which, is determined by the actual situation and specific requirements. In addition, the filter cartridge is characterized by acid and alkali resistance and good abrasion resistance, as well as its high strength. In use, can be reused after cleaning, to extend the service life of the product, therefore, can be used in oil, petrochemical and other industries.