The material and function for the air filter element

- Feb 14, 2019-

Air filter element material type of impact and different parts of the specific role



Air filter element, this is a specific type of filter element, and is a common and commonly used type of filter element, its specific role is to filter and purify air, to achieve the purpose of use. Therefore, need to know what is the air filter element and how to use properly, in order to make full use of the product.



1. Is the material type of air filter element related to the filtration effect?


From a professional point of view, there are many related factors for the filtration effect of the air filter element. As for the material of the filter element, there are currently two kinds, paper and cotton. However, it has little relationship with the filtration effect of the product, that is, there is no direct relationship or influence between the two. Nevertheless, qualitative quality and filter effect are concerned, because use the ability after qualitative good material to pledge to have good filter effect.



2. Instructions for the use of air filter element


Air filter element is a kind of filter element, its use instructions, its specific is: first, to avoid air filter element dampness or be wet by rain, because if the air filter element is paper, once dampness will lose the filtering function. In addition, the air filter element must not be in contact with oil or fire. Secondly, some of the end of the air filter element will have plastic material of the guide cover, in the installation of the filter element, pay attention to the plastic guide cover can not be damaged or damaged.



3. What are the key factors to be considered in the selection of air filter elements?


When choosing an air filter element, all relevant factors should be taken into consideration. However, these factors have no weight, so there is no key factor to consider. Therefore, there is no answer to this question. In addition, we need to know that as long as the factors related to the product selection need to be taken into account, none of them can be omitted, so as to select the right product.



4. Does the air filter element in the car have different functions in different parts?


Of car air filter, it is in different position, if it is in the engine air intake, the function of it is the larger filter out particles in the air, to prolong the service life of automobile engines, and in the car air conditioning air filter, is used to purify the air inside the car, so the different parts of the air filter is have different effect, is the answer to this question.