The reason and treatment of bag paste for dust removal filter bag

- Apr 25, 2020-

The reason and treatment of bag paste for dust removal filter bag

1, deal with flue gas humidity, high temperature, produce a large number of steam caused by the phenomenon of paste bag needs to control the humidity of the material, for the production of raw materials and fuel used for combustion materials stacked to prevent rain, drying can also reduce the moisture content, when necessary, you can use drying equipment to dry the material.

2, containing dust and smoke when the temperature is lower than or close to the dew point temperature caused by dew paste bags. For the dust collector to do a good job of rain insulation measures, the smaller the temperature difference in the flue gas in the inlet and outlet the better. The air flow in the dust collector is evenly distributed to avoid the condensation caused by the decrease of local air temperature.

3. The air leakage of the precipitator leads to the decrease of the internal temperature of the precipitator, resulting in the paste bag. In the dust removal system is prone to leakage point of the key maintenance, such as the discharge valve, closed discharge valve, pipe flange connection, manhole door, etc. The phenomenon of air leakage will not only cause the phenomenon of bag paste, but also increase the energy consumption of the precipitator, so it needs attention.

4. The dust removal filter bag is not waterproof and oil-proof, so it is easy to dew and paste the bag when dealing with the flue gas with large moisture content. For this situation, choose the waterproof, anti-oil and anti-condensation dust removal filter bag, can reduce the paste bag situation.

For the prevention of paste bag of dust removal filter bag, it is necessary to strengthen the maintenance, patrol inspection and timely use effective means to solve the problems found in the daily management, so as to make the bag filter run stably and efficiently.