The reason that the filter bag affects the filtration effect

- Apr 10, 2020-

The reason that the filter bag affects the filtration effect

Bag filter in addition to its filter bag filter bag is an important part of its filtrate is also one of the key filter components. In the process of using the bag filter, if found that the filtrate appears cloudy, please do not hesitate, that must be a problem with the filter bag. So what happens to the filter bag that causes the filtrate to become cloudy?

1. The filter bag is retracted between the filter plates

To filter bag is in use process to work properly, you will need to both sides of the filter bag is a relatively independent space, this would require the cooperation of filter plate, will be pressure on the edge of the filter plate edge filter bag, filter bag is often greater than the filter plate, because the bag filter to filter chamber, cause the filter bag back to the filter room, filter bag is not so important, natural filtering effect is not very good.

2. Rupture of filter bag

The filter bag is woven by the fiber, just like cloth, so the filter bag is very soft and malleable. It is precisely because of this, the filter bag is easy to cause damage in the use of the bag filter, especially in the filtered material on the hard object. When the filter bag is punctured, it runs through the filter bag so that the filter is not very effective.

3. The mesh number of the filter bag is too small

The number of mesh is an important parameter of filter bag. The smaller the number of mesh, the larger the filter hole of the bag filter, and the smaller the filter hole of the bag filter. Therefore, in the process of material filtration, a small number of filter bags will make a lot of solids through the normal way through the filter bag, so that the filtered liquid is not clear to the bottom.