The reason why the liquid filter bag burst

- Dec 13, 2019-

The reason why the liquid filter bag burst

Pressure problem: the operating pressure should be within the allowable range, the pressure difference should be implemented in accordance with the provisions, there are two ways to see the pressure difference, one is a relatively low mechanical pressure gauge, but the error is very large, the other is the flow meter, the cost is slightly higher.

Filter bag itself problem: workmanship problem, filter bag currently do manual work is divided into hot melt welding and line sewing, hot melt welding stress is about 10 kg, and at the bottom of the triangle than arc pressure, seam about 16 kilograms to work under pressure, but if the jump line or off line easy to bag, pressure loss of the filter bag at run time will increase, the impurity scale, very test of the filter bag material and workmanship.

Filter bag usage problem: the filter bag is not fixed when put into the filter, it moves with the rotation of the liquid, and the filter bag bursts in the case of eliminating pressure and workmanship as well as accidents. The polishing degree of the filter basket also determines the use of the filter bag, and improper design of the filter system will also lead to the burst of the bag.

Accidents and material problems: improper installation of the filter bag, or improper use of the operator, and defective filter design will lead to the problem of burst filter bag, in addition, the wrong choice of material will cause more damage to the use of the filter bag.