The role of air filters

- Jan 02, 2020-

The role of air filters

Air filter can effectively intercept dust particles without forming too much resistance to airflow. The interwoven fibers form a myriad of barriers to particles, and the wide Spaces between allow airflow to pass smoothly. Particles less than 0.1 m(micron) do diffusion motion, the smaller the particle, the higher the efficiency; Particles greater than 0.5 mm mainly move by inertia, the larger the particle, the higher the efficiency.

The fibers detour the air, creating minute resistance. The sum of the resistance of countless fibers is the resistance of the filter. The filter resistance increases with the increase of the air flow. By increasing the filter material area, the relative wind speed of the filtering material can be reduced and the filter resistance can be reduced.

The captured dust produces additional resistance to the airflow, so the resistance of the filter in use gradually increases. The captured dust forms a new barrier, and the filtration efficiency improves slightly.

Most of the captured dust collects on the windward side of the filter material. The larger the filter area, the more dust can be contained, the longer the filter life. The more dust accumulated on the filter, the greater the resistance. The life of the filter ends when the resistance is too high to allow. Sometimes, too much resistance will cause the captured dust on the filter to fly away, such secondary pollution occurs, the filter should also be scrapped.

If the filter material with static electricity or dust with static electricity, the filtering effect can be significantly improved. Because of static electricity, dust changes its track and bumps into obstacles, electrostatic force participates in the work of sticking. Will shift to domestic enterprises, imported bearings will decline.