The structure of the dust filter bag

- Aug 15, 2020-

The structure of the dust filter bag

The structure of the dust removal filter bag is in the form of internal filtering and air inlet, and in the form of three-state reverse blowing. The body structure adopts frame steel structure and filter bag hanging tensioning device. Equipment body, ash bucket, air inlet system.

I. Product structure

The basic structure consists of three parts

(1) Inlet, outlet and reverse air blowing system

It includes air inlet pipe, manual air inlet valve, air outlet pipe, pneumatic exhaust valve, back air inlet pipe, compressed air pipeline, back air inlet valve and so on.

(2) Bag room structure

It consists of body parts, flower-plate, filter bag, hanging device, access door, climbing platform, hanging beam, etc.

(3) Ash discharging system: composed of pneumatic ash discharging valve, ash bucket, etc.