The superiority of PPS dust bag product

- Sep 03, 2020-

The superiority of PPS dust bag product

PPS duster bag, also known as polyphenylene sulfide fiber bag, is a new type of high temperature resistant fiber introduced to the market by the American company in 1983. PPS duster bag is obviously superior to the original high temperature and acid and alkali resistant products on the market for its physical fiber physical properties. PPS dust bag has the integrity of strength and internal chemical resistance, can maintain good filtration performance in harsh environment, and achieve the ideal service life.

PPS dust bag with superior physical performance in smelting, chemical industry, building materials, thermal power, garbage incinerator, coal-fired boilers and other industries under high temperature and severe working conditions, PPS dust bag is an efficient high temperature resistant filter material.

1. The working temperature of PPS dust bag is 190℃, the short-time working temperature is 232℃, the melting point is 285℃, and the oxygen index is 34~35.

2. PPS dust bag is suitable for the occasions with oxygen content of 15% or less.

3, the fuel containing sulfur or flue gas containing sulfur oxide, has been proven to be acid and alkali corrosion resistant, chemical resistance is very strong fiber.

4, PPS dust bag in the flue containing moisture occasions.

5. Under the working condition of 190℃~232℃, PPS filter bag has excellent performance record when the gas cloth ratio is up to 5:1 for on-line ash cleaning and 6:1 for off-line ash cleaning.