The working principle of liquid housing

- Sep 24, 2019-

The working principle of  liquid housing 

The solid particles are smaller than the pores in the filter medium layer. 

In the early stages of filtering. Fine solid particles are captured in the pore diameter of the filtration medium layer with higher filtration efficiency.

 As the filter time increases. The number of captured particles in the pores of the filtration medium layer increases, and the filtration resistance increases continuously, which causes the filtration efficiency of the filtration medium to decline and the filtration time to increase to a certain extent. 

Fine solid particles block the flow path of the filtration medium to filter liquid, and the filtration process will stop. 

At this time. The filtration medium must be cleaned to maintain a higher filtration efficiency. 

The liquid filter is composed of the shell of the filter and the filter medium. 

A plurality of filter media is installed vertically in the shell. The filter medium is a wound filter element made of multi-strand synthetic fiber yarn wound on the frame. 

In order to solve the problem of decreasing filtration efficiency caused by increasing filtration resistance force, the liquid filter adopts backblow and backwash technology to clean the filtration medium. 

By backblowing and backwashing the filter medium, the filter medium can be kept in a clean state frequently, so that it is always in a better state to filter. 

Its working principle is: with the pump will filter pulp (containing small solid particle suspension) into the pressure vessel, through the winding filter core after filtration of the clean liquid out of the shell. Fine solid particles enter the wound filter core and are trapped in the filter passage. 

When the number of solid particles intercepted gradually increases. 

A plug - wound filter element is used to filter the flow path of the liquid. As a result, the filtration efficiency of filter medium decreases. 

The filtration stops when the operation reaches the critical resistance corresponding to optimal efficiency. 

Discharge residual liquid, use compressed air to backblow the filter element, blow off and remove solid particles blocking the filter passage, and then backwash the filter element with washing water. 

The blocked filter runner in the filter medium is restored to its original state, thus the wound filter element is regenerated