Tips for protecting high-temperature dust - resistant filter bags

- Aug 21, 2020-

Tips for protecting high-temperature dust - resistant filter bags

Cloth bag is a kind of accessories often used in dust removal technology equipment, and such an enterprise accessories company can be said to be an important part of our entire dust removal equipment, with such a network equipment, dust removal equipment can play a good role of students. What are the methods and techniques for maintaining high temperature resistant dust removal filter bags?

Dust removal equipment and dust removal bag matching operation, can achieve the purpose of dust removal in the correct use of dust bags, we need to know the maintenance of dust bags, do the better maintenance work, then we can get more from it.

Too high air velocity is the main reason for the damage of bag filter. In the design of bag filter, the speed of filter is increased, the user's reaction is not obvious in a short time, but the service life of bag filter is shortened. This not only fails to save customers' money, but also creates a financial burden and wastes time.

Using the appropriate choice of temperature for the dust temperature corresponding to the dust bag will collect the dust bag is crucial. If the temperature is too high, the dust bag is chosen to be used beyond the normal temperature when the packing bag, from within a short period of service life is shortened, the number of severe burns. Therefore, the filter bag selection should be measured to calculate the filter inlet temperature in the appropriate dust bag selection.

The selection of cloth bags for dust precipitators depends on the working nature of the dust. It is necessary to consider whether the dust is rich in acid, alkali, corrosive and strong substances. According to the study of dust properties, a suitable filter material can be selected, so that the filter bag can achieve normal adsorption of dust, and does not affect its service life.

High temperature dust bag is in the heart, it gets other auxiliary accessories cleaning action, when we found the dust filtration effect is not ideal after midnight, probably aging dust bag. After the onset of obstruction, the resistance will continue to improve, the interval time will be shortened, these basic elements will be accelerated dust bag aging.