Type of air filter cartridge

- Apr 17, 2020-

Type of air filter cartridge

According to the principle of filtration, the air filter element can be divided into filtration type: 

centrifugal type, oil bath type and compound type. 

The air filter element commonly used in the engine mainly includes inertia oil bath air filter element, paper dry air filter element, polyurethane filter element and so on.

 The inertial oil bath air filter element has been through the inertial filter, oil bath filter element, filter filter element three filters, the latter two air filter element mainly through the filter element filter. Inertia oil-bath air filter has the advantages of small intake resistance, can adapt to the dust and sand working environment, long service life, etc. 

However, this kind of air filter has been gradually eliminated in automobile engines due to its low efficiency, heavy weight, high cost and inconvenient maintenance. 

The filter element of paper dry air filter is made of microporous filter paper treated by resin. The filter paper is porous, loose and folded.

 It has certain mechanical strength and water resistance. 

The filter element of air filter with polyurethane filter element is made of soft, porous and spongy polyurethane with strong adsorption capacity.

 This air filter has the advantages of paper dry air filter, but low mechanical strength, which is widely used in car engines. 

The disadvantage of the latter two air filters is that they have short service life and are not reliable in harsh environmental conditions.