Type of filter cotton commonly used in primary plate air filters

- Dec 26, 2019-

Type of filter cotton commonly used in primary plate air filters

One, glass fiber filter cotton

Glass fiber filter cotton is a kind of glass fiber of different thickness and length through a special process to produce the product, the performance is stable and has high temperature resistance, high efficiency, large capacity and many other characteristics, widely used in many ventilation and filtration systems, especially the primary effect, high temperature resistance filters.

Two, synthetic fiber filter cotton

This is a material that can replace non-woven fabric and glass fiber, covering coarse, medium and high efficiency. It is a new filter material, and also a major development direction in the future. Compared with general materials, the product has many advantages, such as low resistance, light weight, large capacity and moderate price, because the polyester material used in it has excellent wrinkle resistance, elasticity and stability, so it can also achieve resistance to sunlight, resistance to friction, and strong corrosion resistance.

Three, activated carbon filter cotton

This product is characterized by the effective removal of odor pollution in the air, the fiber through the treatment of carbon and glue, the requirements for filtration efficiency is not very high, in the use of the time to cooperate with the independent primary and middle effect filter.

Non-woven filter cotton

Non-woven filter cotton can also be called polyester fiber, with a very wide range of use, and its production and manufacturing technology is very mature, the operation of the stability of good technical characteristics, is the most used material in the primary, middle effect, bag filter.

This product is characterized by stable quality, large dust capacity, good moisture resistance and long service life. It is also the earliest filter material to be applied. Therefore, its technical development is also the most mature.