Types of filters and available forms of filtration in liquid filtration systems

- Feb 15, 2019-

Types of filters and available forms of filtration in liquid filtration systems



Liquid filtration system, it has six words, and contains a lot of knowledge content, so need to learn and master in time, so as to have a correct understanding of the liquid filtration system, at the same time, can also learn to use and flexibly applied to the actual work, to achieve the desired filtering effect and good filtering quality.



1. Is it necessary to have a liquid filter in the liquid filtration system?


Liquid filtration system, it is possible to have a liquid filter this kind of filter, but whether there must be, is to see the actual situation, decided by it. And the liquid filter this kind of filter, is generally installed in the transmission medium pipeline and used to filter out impurities in the medium, in order to ensure that the valve and equipment can be used normally.



2. Is the liquid filtration system available for the high-pressure pipeline filter?


This problem, from a professional point of view, liquid filtration system can be used in the use of high pressure line filter filter, but it is not necessary to use, but the actual situation to decide whether to use. A filter, usually located in the outlet pipe of a pump, that prevents contaminants from entering the system. However, due to the high pressure main pipeline and will be affected by a certain pressure impact, so in the selection of materials can not be wrong, so as not to affect the normal filtration.



3. Liquid stirring layered filtration system for pharmaceutical use, is it a liquid filtration system?


Pharmaceutical use liquid mixing layered filtration system, it is belong to liquid filtration system, but also need to know is that this kind of filter system on composition, there is a dip into the pipe, tanks, thick liquid residue fluid tube, fine filter residue fluid drainage tube, liquid into the mouth, drainage solenoid valve, tank upper leg, pressure pipe, cleaning spray head, upper filter layer, clean mouth, the mouth, with isometric limbers clapboard, the filter layer, the lower pressure pipe, with equidistant recoil nozzle spray nozzle and pure liquid fluid tube, etc. These parts. In addition, it is a kind of liquid filtration device with better effect to achieve the large flow rate of liquid medicine through the filtration of layered liquid medicine through the double-layer filtration layer. Therefore, it is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry.



4. What is tangential flow filtration? Is it available in liquid filtration systems?


Tangential flow, from a professional point of view, is refers to the direction of flow of fluid and filter the perpendicular direction, this is a form of filtering, and tangential flow filtration, the direction of fluid flow direction in the plane of the membrane filter with the parallel, thus can produce turbulent or secondary flow, and can produce the shear stress on the surface of the filter medium to reduce the filter cake layer or the accumulation of gel layer on the membrane surface, reduce the membrane pollution and ensure a steady filtration velocity. And this filtration form can be used in the liquid filtration system without any problems.