Ultra Efficient air filter

- Nov 14, 2018-

ULPA (Ultra low penetration air filter) is known as an ultra-efficient air filter, or ultra-high penetration air filter, for more than 99.999% filtration efficiency of dust particles such as 0.1~0.2μm particles, fumes and microorganisms. Ulpa Ultra-efficient filter, ULPA is on the basis of HEPA to further strengthen the filter effect of HEPA, ULPA to more than 0.3 microns of particulate sub-filtration efficiency reached more than 99.9999%. Compared with HEPA, the filter material structure is more compact and the filtration efficiency is higher than that of Ulpa. The ULPA filter has a larger filtration area and a stronger dust capacity. ULPA Filter Features: Filter cartridges with ultra-fine glass fiber filter material folded from the glue, the frame can be selected laminated planks, galvanized copper plate, stainless steel board and aluminum alloy plate, through the polyurethane adhesive tightly bonded, with light weight, large air permeability, dust collection rate of up to 99.95-99.999%, and alkali resistance, high temperature. Usage: Suitable for level 10,000-level 100 clean system, air conditioning system, so the products have been widely used in electronics, microelectronics, semiconductors, optical devices, biological and pharmaceutical lines, cameras and optical instruments, precision machinery and other fields.