Understanding of XS type liquid filters and comparison of types of liquid filters

- Mar 14, 2019-

Understanding of XS type liquid filters and comparison of types of liquid filters

Liquid filter, this is a specific type of filter, but also a common and commonly used type of filter, so it needs to have a certain understanding and understanding, in order to be able to correctly and rationally use the liquid filter and have good use effect, and will not appear the problem of wrong use.

1. Understanding of xs-type liquid filter

Xs-type liquid filter, which is a specific model of liquid filter, the shell is made of stainless steel, the welding seam is polished to achieve seamless, and the filter on the whole there is no bump of the accumulated material body. In addition, after polishing, the filter shell can reach the polishing level of 400 mesh, which can reach the sanitary standard, so as to be used in the filtration of various liquids. In the selection of filter element type and the determination of the number, should be based on the type of filter media, flow rate, solid matter content and filter requirements to determine. In material, it is polypropylene, polyethylene these. In addition, according to the medium pressure, flow, inlet and outlet caliber and interface form to design, in order to meet different requirements.

2. Comparison of stainless steel liquid filter and ordinary liquid filter

Stainless steel liquid filter, this is a specific type of liquid filter, its composition, is a barrel, stainless steel filter, sewage part, transmission device and electrical control part and so on. And the part of the filter in contact with the filter medium is made of stainless steel, because this material can have good corrosion resistance. Therefore, compared with the ordinary liquid filter, there will be some differences in the material used. In application, it can be used to filter some corrosive medium, while the ordinary liquid filter may not be able to.

3. Are there two types of liquid filters, traditional type and automatic type?

Liquid filters, there are traditional and automatic, and this is also a must know, but in the liquid filter, in addition to the use of liquid filters, but also can be used in other devices to achieve the purpose of filtration. And which kind of liquid filter to choose, is decided by the use of the environment and use requirements, to ensure that there is a good filtering effect.