What are the applications of liquid filter bags

- Aug 30, 2019-

What are the applications of liquid filter bags?

1. Application of liquid filter bag in food and beverage industry:

Food and beverage wine, liquor and beer to remove suspended solids and sediments, oil particles and polishing, removing of carbon black in cellulose, gelatin, polishing liquid syrup, syrup, corn syrup and intercept made carbon from the sugar to ink and filter aid, starch processing and milk processing and mud removal, filling in soft drinks before the security filter, all kinds of process water, syrup of raw materials such as filtering, removing impurity produced in harmonic process.

2. Application of liquid filter bag in fine chemical industry

Chemical catalyst recovery, filtration of pipe system impurities, polishing process media, alkaline and acidic liquids, as well as solvents, emulsions and dispersions, filtration and removal of gels, acrylics and viscose emulsions from resins. In the fine chemical industry, activated carbon or catalyst removal is a typical example of the application of high standard requirements in chemical treatment. Qiqi filter bag can not only meet the requirements of efficient filtration, but also extend the service life and improve the reliability.

3. Application of liquid filter bag in petroleum industry

Filtration of petrochemical lubricants, fuel additives, oil recovery and enhanced recovery, amine solution filtration, glycol liquid filtration, ethylene glycol liquid filtration, gas purification process, distillation and cracking process, amine cleaning agent, Marine filtration station (offshore filtration station), oil drilling and injection liquid, drilling oil and injection liquid.

4. Application of liquid filter bag in water treatment industry

Water filtration water treatment, water treatment plants, mud, pipe descaling or calcifications, raw water filtration, filtration of wastewater treatment chemicals, ultrafiltration membrane, a prerequisite for the RO membrane protection, obstruct the floc, jelly, liquid for the purification of membrane filtration, intercept ion exchange resin, the water of the sea bed cleaning and algae to remove recovery, ion exchange resin, calcium deposition, used for filtration of water treatment chemicals, cooling tower equipment dust removal.

5. Application of liquid filter bags in pharmaceutical industry

Sterilizing and filtering of sterile raw materials, vaccines, biological products, blood products, infusion, buffer solution, reagent water, ophthalmic preparation, freeze-dried powder injection; Recovery of precious active ingredients, catalyst regeneration, purification and removal of activated carbon, gelatin filtration, hormone, vitamin extract, polishing of medicinal preparation, plasma protein removal, salt solution filtration.

Application of liquid filter bag in electronic technology industry

Wafer and chip processing, electronic etching acid bath, photochemical polishing, high purity water filtration and pre-filtration of various membrane filtration processes for cost-effectiveness; Filtration of cooling water, removal of zinc deposits in zinc solution, removal of impurities in copper foil electrolytic stabilization tank.

7. Application of liquid filter bag in metal processing industry

Hydraulic oil filtration, precious metal (aluminum, silver, platinum) cleaning mud painting, paint filtration, metal processing hydraulic oil filtration, pretreatment system filtration, precious metal recovery, metal processing liquid and drawing lubricant. The component cleaning device USES our filter bag to reduce residual dirt on the component.

8. Application of liquid filter bag in automobile manufacturing industry

Electrophoretic paint filtration, ultrafiltration protection filtration, spray water filtration, varnish and finish filtration, automotive pretreatment, finish, varnish, primer, paint ring filtration, parts cleaning fluid, drawing lubricant, lubricant, metal working fluid and pump suction filter filtration.

9. Application of liquid filter bag in paint and coating viscose industry

Electrophoresis paint filter, the protection of the ultrafiltration filter, degreasing process, phosphating liquid filter, electrophoresis paint oil removal, cleaning fluid, filtering, metallic paint, paint and varnish reunion condensation particle removal, paint removal, solvent filtration, storage cleanup, filling line, coating line and monomer purification, filtration, liquid silica gel filtration of viscose.

Application of liquid filter bag in resin plastic ink industry

And polymer resins, plastics, printing ink and coating oil filter, dispersion and polymerization with material, resin, plastic ingredients for tin coating, printing ink, plastics processing, paper coating, high purity ink-jet liquid filtration, removal of coating of fiber, gel, filter solvents, grinding fineness substandard particles, particles of the mixed reaction is eliminated in the impurities, remove adhesive coating of coagulum, clear coating of oil.