What are the reasons for the damage of the dust filter bag

- Dec 12, 2019-

What are the reasons for the damage of the dust filter bag

Dust filter bag has the certain service life, the customer to timely eliminate old dust filter bag, but the daily cleaning and maintenance can delay the depreciation of filter bag to some extent, on the other hand, we fully understand the speed up dust filter bag breakage of some common cause also helps to filter bag product maintenance, prolong the life of the effect of the cost savings.

I. product quality

Dusting cloth filter bag processing is particularly important, in recent years, some small manufacturers use small sewing machines for processing equipment, and processing with inferior line as raw material, false and true, processing level is far behind. So that the filter bag in the use of time is not long after the spread of line, cracks, falling bottom and other phenomena. Small size of cloth bags can also be used, but in the adsorption of a larger proportion of dust, the use of a period of time will be out of the bag phenomenon. So choose and buy filter bag products to pay attention to the choice of those trustworthy regular manufacturers, production specifications, quality assurance.

Ii. Service temperature

The filter bag is the hub of the filter bag. If the temperature through high, the selection of dust bag to exceed the normal use temperature, the filter bag light is shortened service life, severe will be burned in a short time. Therefore, in the selection of filter bag must be measured to calculate the inlet temperature of the dust collector, in the selection of the corresponding dust bag.

Three, dust medium

The choice of bag cloth of dust collector depends on the dust property of dust, which should be considered whether the dust contains acid, alkali or corrosive substances. Select suitable filter material according to dust properties, so that the filter bag can absorb dust normally, and do not affect its service life.

Filter wind speed

The main reason for bag damage is that the filter wind speed of bag filter is too high. This requires dusting equipment manufacturers to pay more attention to the design, can not blindly increase the filter wind speed, and shorten the service life of the filter bag, so not only does not have a good filter quality, but also will increase the economic expenditure of customers, the loss is not worth the gain.

The above four points are the common reasons for accelerating the damage of filter bags. Customers can pay attention to these problems from the purchase of equipment, precautions in use, cleaning and maintenance after use, so as to ensure efficient production and normal use of equipment and save more costs for enterprises.