What kind of press cloth should be used for industrial filtration

- Aug 09, 2019-

What kind of press cloth should be used for industrial filtration?

Selection of press cloth:

Acid and alkalinity of material.

2. Particle size or filtration accuracy of filtered materials.

3. Filtration temperature or working environment of materials.

4 material design direct filtration or indirect filtration.


1. When installing the press cloth, ensure that the press cloth on the plate frame is flat and fixed, so as to avoid damage to the press cloth when the press cloth is pressed against the plate frame.

2. The adhesion time of the filter cake to the press cloth should not be too long, which will cause deformation and sagging of the press cloth.

3. When unloading the filter cake, shovel the filter cake in the direction of the press cloth.

4. Industrial press cloth used in food, pharmaceutical and other industries shall be certified by relevant health authorities to ensure that it has no side effects on human health.

5. Wash with warm water before use in the food and pharmaceutical industry to avoid contamination on the cloth.

6. When cutting, it is better to blanch with an electric iron (1500W electric iron) to prevent loose warp and weft lines. Sewing thread must be of the same quality.