What to ask about when buying a filter cartridge

- Jul 22, 2020-

What to ask about when buying a filter cartridge

Contrast the entity shop to buy and buy goods on the net difference is that network to buy the price advantage is obvious, but we can't directly see the goods, but for a physical store to buy, because the cost price is higher, so if we want to choose the former case, must be to very detailed such counseling online customer service, can better guarantee the goods we buy are the products we need. So what should we pay attention to if we buy the filter cartridge online?

First, we need to ask what is the type and classification of the filter cartridge. Generally speaking, it is divided into inertia type, filtering type and oil bath type. Although the ultimate purpose is the same, the filtering method and process are different, so we can make specific choices according to our own needs. It is worth noting that the second type of filter paper filter cylinder is not limited to the vehicle type. It can be installed in any direction. If you really don't understand the situation, it is more appropriate to choose this one, because it can be used.

Second, we need to ask about the use function and method of the product, because a lot of people do not understand this content, if you buy by yourself and will not install the case, more trouble. Then we can figure out how it works and how it works before we buy it.

Third, brand and price, even for the filter cartridge, there will be better brand building and our price difference, according to the need to choose is right, product quality should be the first meaning, rather than the simple definition of price.